Portable UVC Disinfection LED Light Mobile Phone USB Type-C Interface Plug UV Sterilizer

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Portable UVC Disinfection

Powerful UV Led Light

Connects to any mobile phone

Interface Type-C Connector Only   

Please use responsibly as the UVC light of ultraviolet products is harmful to human skin. Avoid  direct exposure to skin and eyes.

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1、The Principle of Sterilization: The use of high-energy ultraviolet light to break the double helix of DNA and RNA, so that bacteria can die or lose their ability to reproduce, and achieve sterilization.
2、Mini Design: The germicidal light is about 5g in net weight, which is compact and charged with charging head for type-c. It can be used with the phone to carry with you, plug and play.
3、High Quality Light Source: Using high quality UVC light source, the light features efficient UVC short wave sterilization. The pure physical disinfection method is healthy with no secondary pollution and long service life.
4、Efficient Disinfection: Close to the surface of the object, sweeping back and forth for 1 minute to eliminate 99% bacteria, efficient and fast.
5、Use Anywhere: The light can be used to disinfect face masks, elevator buttons, tableware, keyboards, water cups etc.

Name: Handheld Germicidal Lamp
Color: black
Specification: for type-c
Power: 0.4 W
Ultraviolet wavelength: UVC 275nm
Sterilization time: 1 minute
Uses: disinfection of masks, beauty supplies, feeding bottle, water cups etc.

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